Organization of sightseeing trips Baunei

For all those who want to discover Sardinia’s wonderful places we organize trips to the most beautiful cities of the area.

Organizzazione gite turistiche Baunei

Extraordinary landscapes

Our agency takes care of all details concerning the organization of sightseeing tours in Baunei.
During the tours wedrive you to places of historical, cultural and artistic interest and introduce you to our land. You can also visit the many natural beauties and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the region.
The tour gives you the chance to see the spectacular views of this area. We usually organize trips to certain cities in Sardinia, but we can also organize trips to any other place you wish to visit.
We will bring you:
at the discovery of Golgo
to take a tour in the Gennargentu
for a trip to Pedra Liana
to visit Orgosolo
to the Marmora
to any place you want to go

The most beautiful places in the region

Our staff knows the region very well and knows which are the most beautiful places to visit.
A unique experience
Travelling with us will make you live a fantastic experience that will remain impressed in your memory in an indelible way. The landscapes you will see are enchanting and spectacular.
Charming places
You will have the opportunity to see fascinating places, seaside resorts, natural beauties of the most interesting areas.
Wonderful places
Our experts will drive you to discover wonderful and little-known places. You will see the true soul of the region and the most authentic charm of Sardinia.
organizzazione gite
Detailed organization
The trips are organized to the smallest detail by expert and competent staff that meets the needs of customers.

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